Sheenah Ko / Future Is Now — 2022

“Driven by an irrepressible beat, Sheenah hopes the song serves as definitive inspiration for the modern, surreal times we’re living in. 

Sheenah’s goal with “Wake Up”, along with the other tracks on “Future Is Now”, was to ensure the energy of the songs reflected her optimistic mindset. 

“Between my last record and the recording of these new songs, my energy and vibe completely shifted,” she says. “Where my debut record was a bit moody, I very much wanted to focus on the present and being in the moment this time around. I’ve learned a lot of important lessons in the time between records.” 

The video for her new single opens with a stark reflection upon the constant, harried pace of the present-day workplace. But before long, the cast shamelessly cast off their day job shackles, and engage in a fierce freestyle dance against a stunning backdrop of a city skyline.”
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Label : Lazy At Work
Album Cover Photographer: Andy Jon
Graphics: Camille Faust Rioux
Printing artwork & pressing vinyl: Société des loisirs

crédit photo — Matt Di Vita [Société des Loisirs]. 2022.

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— 2022.

“Ultra gentle and feminine, this song was inspired by the natural environment and specifically, a waterfall, that Sheenah discovered during a hike in Saguenay, Quebec, where this video was filmed. It’s a reminder to open your eyes a bit wider, appreciate all the gifts, around you and within you; spend more time outside in nature, which is so giving and loving, to greatly expand your confidence and appreciation for life.”

June 3, 2022

All tracks written, performed and produced by Sheenah Ko
All tracks mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Studios, Montreal